Project History


Finance data integration and data sharing

As part of a finance project, I build a data pipeline between the company’s controlling system and the data warehouse. This project involves creating a technical concept for the data pipeline and implementing it. To enable the finance team to use the data in the data warehouse for their reporting, I provide a dedicated finance data mart.

In the second part of the project, the customer has expressed a need for a standardized way to share data with external partners. To address this, I provide a secure and standardized way to share data outside the company.


Data observability and ELT performance optimization

In this project, I worked with the customer to establish various data observability metrics that would help them monitor the health of their data warehouse. Then, I proceeded to implement these metrics in a technical capacity. Moreover, I utilized Elementary to ensure operational data observability and to detect any anomalies in the ELT processes.

As the customer was struggling with a lengthy ELT night run, my second task was to reduce the runtime of the ELT processes. By restructuring and optimizing the SQL processes, I improved the runtime by several hours.


Data management consulting

Implement a data management strategy for a holding company

The objective of this project is to create a data management strategy for a holding company operating in the energy and chemical sector. The plan involves the development of a centralized platform that facilitates data exchange among various operational systems. Additionally, I am responsible for designing and constructing an enterprise data warehouse architecture to cater to the customer’s needs for data analytics use cases.


Development of a cloud data warehouse solution

Create a cloud data warehouse solution in AWS redshift 

Goal of the project is to develop a cloud data warehouse solution in AWS redshift to replace the existing on premise data warehouse. To optimize the transform processes and integrate automated testing, I introduce dbt to the project. In the new cloud data warehouse, I redesign the complete data model in a data vault approach and define the standards to the overall data modeling.


XML to kafka Data Warehouse migration

Migrate existing data pipelines using SSIS XML packages to stored procedures consuming data from a kafka data stream. 

For this data warehouse migration project, I created ETL pipelines on SQL Server using data from an Apache kafka stream. These pipelines are orchestrated by Apache Airflow. Additionally I redesigned some of the data models inside the data warehouse.


BI Business Applications and Dashboards

Development of different small business applications and business intelligence dashboards to support 3D design processes. 

For these applications, I mainly use data provided by a data warehouse on the customer infrastructure and apply data analysis to discover useful information inside this data. To visualize this data, I use the Palantir skywise platform, the DevExpress / DevExtreme framework, or in some cases JS libraries like Chart.js.


Project Management

As a project leader, I am responsible for 2-3 projects at customers in the aviation industry. 

In these projects, I take over the administrative project work (project planning, resource planning, financial planning) and am in direct contact with different customers in aviation.


Retirement of Business Owned Tools

Support for a Business Intelligence (BI) framework that provides the ability to view data from all customer legacy systems. This framework is used to retire different business owned tools such as Excel tables or MS Access databases.

In this project, I supported users from different engineering departments to create dashboards and perform data analysis (SQL).  Additionally,  I held training / awareness sessions and collaborated with the developers of the framework.


Development of a Reporting Center

Creation of a web application with Angular, which connects different legacy systems and derives KPIs from them.

This tool is based on an Angular Frontend, with PHP Backend, which accesses an MYSQL data model. Also, version management with GitLab was set up. The web tool is currently used by over 150 people in the aircraft industry.


Development & Maintenance of a Configuration Management Database

Development & maintenance of an MS Access database that steers manufacturing drawings based on the aircraft configuration.


Masterthesis – Aeronautical Engineering

Development of a Methodology and 
Extension of the Fault Injection Toolbox (FIT) supporting Trajectory Based Particular Risk Analysis

Events or influences which are outside the system concerned and have a damaging effect on the system (e.g. bird strike) are called Particular Risks. It is necessary to investigate the aircraft in terms of these particular risks to fulfill the airworthiness requirements for a system or the overall aircraft design.

This thesis focuses on the development of a methodology and the implementation to perform model-based Particular Risks Analysis using the Fault Injection Toolbox (FIT). This tool is used to inject faulty signals to existing design models and investigates the system behavior of the manipulated system model.